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Feb 01

Why Not Find Out on Tour

  Why Not Find Out isn’t just an online platform, it’s also a campaign that tours the UK visiting colleges, universities and other public events such as festivals and carnivals. WNFO promotes greater knowledge and insight into the evolving drug landscape through a series of awareness stalls; last year we... read more →
Jan 30

The science behind why drugs and music go together – The Conversation

Authors: Ian Hamilton, Lecturer in mental health and addiction, University of York Harry Sumnall, Professor in Substance Use, Liverpool John Moores University Suzi Gage, Lecturer, University of Liverpool. This article first appeared on The Conversation. For centuries, musicians have used drugs to enhance creativity and listeners have used drugs to heighten... read more →
Jan 29

The Misuse of Xanax (Alprazolam) – Vice

With counterfeit Xanax readily available on the dark web, a generation of teenagers have found out the hard way that the pills aren't as easygoing as they first thought. Dan lives with his parents in a beautiful four-bedroom house in Surrey, England, the type with polished granite kitchen surfaces, ankle-deep... read more →
Jan 08
Dec 14

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Moderate alcohol intake before the festive season kicks off to improve your health & wellbeing “‘Tis the season to be jolly” is a line from a popular carol song too often taken to heart by some Brits who drink excessively over the festive period. Last year, the sale of beer,wine and spirits... read more →
Nov 22
Nov 16
Oct 23
Oct 18
Oct 16

Changes to the WNFO website

Five years ago this week a new website, Why Not Find Out, was launched by the Angelus Foundation. Its target audience was young people, mainly 14 to 18 who may have been exposed to the relatively new phenomenon of ‘legal highs’ now called new psychoactive substances. It was the first... read more →
Oct 15

Magic Mushrooms Can Treat Depression – Independent

A study by University College in London has shown signs that the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, can be effective in treating people with depression. Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, head of psychedelic research at Imperial College London, said: "We have shown for the first time clear changes in brain activity... read more →
Oct 11
Sep 25
Sep 11

Potent Pot

'Pot' otherwise known as cannabis, is having negative health effects due to increased potency Smoking cannabis has been part of counter-culture for over 50 years. In the 60s cannabis became a ‘lifestyle choice’ for some ‘hippies’ who rebelled against post-war traditions and opted for a post-modernist worldview that pushed boundaries,... read more →
Sep 07
Aug 22

The Science of High Potency Cannabis – Radio 1 Newsbeat

BBC web article published 22 August 2017. What is in cannabis that can make it dangerously powerful? And what about claims of medical benefits? Newsbeat hears from two scientists who study the drug. Remember these letters - THC and CBD Cannabis plants contain a substance called Cannabigerol that forms three... read more →
Aug 22
Jul 31

A Psychedelic Festival Experience

What are the effects of Hallucinogens? How could they alter your festival experience? There has been a resurgence in psychedelic drugs recently. Some people are curious to experiment with a variety substances that induce an altered state of consciousness (known as a ‘trip’).For some, these drugs complement heightened sensory environments... read more →
Jul 03
Jul 03
Jun 30
Jun 26
Jun 13
May 30
May 04
Apr 05

Drug Facts – Synthetic Cannabis – KFx website

ABOUT THIS BRIEFING: This briefing provides an overview on Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists It is not intended to provide detailed information on each compound or a list of all such compounds. The web version has no images in it; the downloadable PDF includes images,This version published 1.8.16 to reflect legal... read more →
Mar 09

Herts Uni Survey of use of Ketamine and Novel Psychoactive Substances

Welcome to the 'Use of Novel Psychoactive Substances/Legal Highs and Ketamine' Survey. This survey aims to evaluate the level of knowledge and awareness of the use of Novel Psychoactive Substances/Legal Highs and Ketamine. The survey is completed anonymously, can be saved part way through and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. All data collected in... read more →
Feb 23

Louise Cattell Memorial Gig on 2 March in Aid of Mentor UK

A memorial gig is being held on 2 March, at Nambucca, Upper Islington for Louise Cattell who died exactly six years ago in March 2011. The proceeds for the event will fund work progammes for the drugs and alcohol prevention charity Mentor UK. Louise Cattell was a much-loved figure on the London gig scene until her... read more →
Dec 14
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Jul 13
Jul 06
May 03

‘Mastercard’ Super Strength Ecstasy Warning

Police in Manchester have issued a warning about pink/red ecstasy pills with dangerous high levels of MDMA. The MasterCard E tablet often contains in excess of 200mg of MDMA where the 'normal' dose is more like 100-120mg. High doses can lead to raised body temperature where people find it hard... read more →
Apr 11
Apr 06
Mar 31

Blanket Ban on Legal Highs Delayed – ITV

The new law which would outlaw the sale of legal highs has been delayed for a few weeks. The Home Office has had to put the legislation back because it has not established exactly how new substances will be tested for 'psychoactivity'.
Mar 10
Mar 08
Jan 20

Tory MP Admits Using Poppers – Sky News

Conservative MP, Crispin Blunt, admitting being a user of poppers during debate on Psychoactive Substances Bill. He said: "There is sometimes a moment ... when something is proposed which becomes personal to you and you realise the Government is about to do something fantastically stupid and I think in those... read more →
Jan 12

YT Video – Spice Addiction – Vice

VICE travelled to Manchester to meet some more vulnerable users who have become addicted to these over-the-counter substances and discovered that solving the problem won't be as simple as making legal highs illegal.
Jan 22

MDMA v PMA Information Graph

Drug advice centre Release have created an easy to follow guide on the differences between ecstasy (MDMA) and the PMA which caused several overdoses over Christmas and New Year Read Story
Jan 19
Jan 02
Dec 12

The only British charity dedicated to raising awareness of ‘legal highs’

The only British charity dedicated to raising awareness of 'legal highs', the Angelus Foundation, today launches its latest film 'Lab Rats' for the Christmas party season. The film portrays a London headshop, which sells 'legal highs' on the high street. The film actors are stand-up comedian, Jeff Leach, and... read more →
Apr 15