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Pregablin and Gabapentin

AKA Lyrica, Medicinal Drugs, Jonnies

Oct 15

The Drug

Pregablin and Gabapentin are medicinal drugs which in recent years has become increasingly misused substances. They are taken as a pill making people feel dozy and high.

It is a bit like taking tranquilisers like Valium. Sometimes pills are crushed and it is snorted. The numbers of prescriptions has increased hugely in recent years and supplies have found their way onto the illicit market.

They are prescribed to people who suffer nerve pain so are effective painkillers. They can be prescribed for epilepsy or anxiety too. Pregablin and Gabapentin are quite addictive and have caused several overdoses.

Also known as: Lyrica, Neurontin, Pregabs, Jonnies


These two drugs/medicines makes people feel drowsy, relaxed and giggly. They can also make you very sedated, suppressing respiration and can cause feelings of sickness and chest pain. They are sometimes taken as a ‘downer’ after a long session on cocaine, ecstasy or mephedrone.


These two drugs are addictive medicines. Pregabalin is thought to be more addictive than gabapentin. People who take one of them find they increase their dose as they build up tolerance. There is a high risk of overdose. They are often taken in combination with other substances which increases the level of intoxication. In 2012 there were only 4 deaths related to Pregablin which rose to 111 in 2016. In the same time, Gabapentin deaths rose from 8 to 59.

Be Safe

It is dangerous to mix these kinds of depressants with others like alcohol. Avoid regular use which can cause dependence.

The Law

Pregablin and Gabapentin are prescription only medicines so should only be prescribed by a doctor. There is currently no possession offence but you could still be arrested if the police officer is not sure what the pills are. Pregablin and Gabapentin will soon become  Class C drugs which will restrict its supply.