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AKA MPA, Stimulants, Wiz

Mar 21

The Drug

Methiopropamine (MPA) is a powerful stimulant which is similar chemically and in action to methamphetamine but milder. It is synthetic and made from a collection of chemicals. Not much is known about its harms and dangers. It is often found in pill form but can be also snorted or bombed as a powder. It is illegal to sell but not possess. It was sold under various brand names such as Ying Yang, Doves and Pink Panther.

Until recently it was bought online from various websites. It cost about £8-10 a gram. It comes as an off-white bitter tasting powder. The high is fairly intense and can encourage repeated use. It can bring about delusional behaviour.


MPA gives a feeling of euphoria and energy. Stimulants like MPA get the heart racing and also suppress the appetite very effectively. You may sweat profusely.

It lasts about four hours and is often taken repeatedly. After prolonged use people develop tolerance then dependence to MPA – by then the euphoria is much reduced There are many cases of stimulant psychosis revealed by anxiety and paranoia.

It can leave you quite depressed the following day.


MPA can encourage repeat dosing where you may take several lines to restore the original high. Any stimulant badly disrupts sleep patterns and the ability to function with day-to-day life putting pressure on family, friends, work and study.

MPA works on the nervous system and makes the heart rate much faster so many of the health issues relate to the heart such as elevated blood pressure, risk of developing heart disease and risk of heart attack. For every high there is a downside people can often feel depressed for a day or two after a big night.

Be Safe

It is better to take long gaps between sessions and avoid mixing with lots of alcohol. Do not take MPA if you have any heart problems, elevated blood pressure or any mental health issues.

Do not engage in risky sexual behaviour – always use a condom. You should not be responsible for anyone if you have taken MPA. It will take many hours for you to feel straight again. Don’t share any materials used to snort it.

The Law

MPA is legal to possess but in May 2016 the law changed around its sale and supply. It is as a banned substance under the Psychoactive Substances Act. It is illegal to purchase and import from foreign websites. There is no possession offence but if caught by the police they may make an arrest prior to testing.