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Mar 21

The Drug

MDAI is a legal stimulant and club drug. Chemically it is 5,6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane. It is a granular, brownish powder which is snorted or bombed.

Very little is known about it and its harms and dangers are unclear.

Its effects are reported to be fairly close to ecstasy including mood enhancement with some hallucinations. However it is usually a much more pure drug than ecstasy. It effects are generally milder.

It costs about £12 a gram to buy about the same as  mephedrone. It was bought from internet sites offering “research chemicals” but has not been available for a while. Not much knowledge has built up about it. There is a risk of overdose but low potential for addiction.

It is legal to buy and sell at present. Like many ‘legal highs’ stimulants it is most likely manufactured in China.

Also known as: Sparkle.


MDAI can take an hour to work but its effects. It gives a sense of euphoria and well-being. Music is enhanced and you may talk incessantly. You may also be more easily aroused sexually. MDAI also suppresses the appetite very effectively.

Stimulants like MDAI can give a powerful rush of sensations. Reports suggest its stimulant qualities such as getting the heart racing are much less than many other stimulants like ecstasy. Its effects are more empathetic. But it is a strong drug so you may feel distressed by its powerful effects if you are a relative novice to stimulants of this kind. The high last about six hours but the main peak is perhaps two hours.

The drug also has psychedelic effects or hallucinations. It can make your body temperature rise. You may develop paranoia or experience panic attacks.


Any stimulant badly disrupts sleep patterns and the ability to function with the normal side of life. Using MDAI may make you feel depressed for a day or two after a big night but generally it seems the downside is much less than drugs such as cocaine or mephedrone. If you are out clubbing, there is also the risk of drinking too much water which can lead to collapse.

Be Safe

If you do take MDAI, have only very small amounts orally. Ensure you are not alone or responsible for anyone. Avoid taking it in a club or any other hot environment. Drink moderate amounts of water and no alcohol. Do not mix with other drugs. If you feel unwell or distressed do not delay in seeking medical assistance.

The Law

MDAI is regulated under the Psychoactive Substances Act so illegal to supply but attracts no possession offence. However if caught in possession you are likely to be arrested as MDAI may be mistaken by the police officer for another controlled drug such as cocaine or mephedrone.

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