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AKA Acid, Tabs, Microdots, Blotters

Oct 15

The Drug

Lysergic acid diethylamide is a strong hallucinogenic drug. It is commonly known as ‘acid’ and is swallowed as a tab, often paper and is long lasting, perhaps 10-12 hours. It is not an addictive drug and there is no physical overdose like other drugs. However taking too much will be a disturbing experince for your mental health.

It is a Class A drug, often made in local labs. Its popularity fluctuates. It first became popular in the 1960s and then again as part of rave culture in later 1980s and 1990s. It is popular at festivals although some people get in trouble as the hallucinations can be too scary. It is not a good idea to take acid if you are not in a good mood or lacking confidence. Acid will worsen any existing mental illness.

Also known as acid, blotters, microdots.


Acid trips take begin after 20-40 minuts when colours seem brighter and people feel relaxed. Objects around then and shapes ca become distorted which may be fun but for others quite distressing. Hallucinations can also be enjoyed or can be disturbing. People can lose sense of time and be unaware of dangers around them.

A trip can last up to 12 hours, if you are in a bad mood, lacking confidence then it can be an endurance.


Taking LSD can be a very intense high with powerful hallucinations depending on the dose. It can cause panic and distress needing emergency help. People on a trip can be vulnerable to accidents, assault or theft if they lose their sense of time and their surroundings. LSD is not addictive. High doses can cause paranoia and anxiety. Any hallucinogenic drug can be very disturbing to some people. Like any drug, LSD can worsen an existing mental health problems.

Be Safe

Avoid taking it on your own or in any circumstances which can be intimidating. Make sure at least one person in your group has not taken a trip.  It is better to be in a safe, calm environment. Avoid mixing with any other drugs including alcohol. It is particuarly bad idea to take LSD after several drinks. Keep hydrated. Look after anyone who appears to be struggling. Get emergency help if they look they could harm themselves or others.

The Law

LSD is illegal to possess and supply. It is a Class A drug. Possession with a small amount may lead to a court appearance and a fine but prison is unlikely. The police may choose to caution you – be aware that a caution still means a criminal record. If you have enough to supply or sell to friends you may be charged with possession with intent to supply – it depends on the circumstances of the case, but conviction may lead to fine, community service or even imprisonment.

Should I be using LSD if I’m on anti-depressants (SSRIs)?
People with mental health or mood disorders should avoid LSD. Psychedelics are psychological drugs that can unleash suppressed memories, heighten anxiety, paranoia, or negative thought patterns. It is not advisable to combine LSD with SSRIs.

What do I do if my friend is having a ‘bad trip’?
Depending on the person a ‘bad trip’ can be felt in several ways; people might appear withdrawn, upset, silent or scared. At the root of a bad trip is fear, panic or the loss of control. For some people, this circular thought process could be difficult to evade especially if they do not voice their concern, so gently prompt them to speak. Remind your friend that their anxious feeling is a product of the drug they have taken and it will pass. Ensure they are comfortable as possible and away from any situation they could find confrontational. It is important to consider safety. If you think your friend is at risk then call for help.