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Oct 11

The Drug

Ethylphenidate was originally a ‘legal high’ which has emerged in the drug market in the last few years. It is a white-powdered stimulant and is generally an amphetamine like substance. It is mainly snorted, sometimes swallowed and acts on the central nervous system.

It causes rapid heartbeat but also gives some euphoria which has been described as a mild form of cocaine. It lasts a few minutes – you feel alert, exhilarated and very talkative. It was once marketed and advertised as plant food or bath salts simply to get around medicine and consumer legislation.

The price is relatively low (about £10-15 per gram) a lot less than half the cost of cocaine but with much higher purity.


Ethylphenidate is a euphoric drug with effects compared to low purity cocaine. The first few occasions of use, you feel a slight rush and a sense of well-being and contentment; although after a while there can be a feeling of agitation. There is enhanced sensitivity to music and conversation. Every stimulant has a down side: you may feel quite depressed the next day. Regular use of stimulants adversely effect sleep patterns, appetite and can cause short-term memory loss.


Relatively little is known about Ethylphenidate compared to low grade cocaine. As a new drug it is not possible to know much about its long-term use. But we do know amphetamine stimulants accelerate the heart rate. Prolonged use increases the risk of damage to the heart particularly if mostly taken with alcohol. Combining it with alcohol may cause nausea and vomiting. Snorting Ethylphenidate can be a very painful, burning experience.

Taking Ethylphenidate can cause a deep feeling of agitation, heart palpitations, insomnia, vomiting and headaches. You may feel quite ‘down’ after Ethylphenidate.

Be Safe

It is unwise to take several lines in a short space of time or in conjunction with other drugs – there is a risk of a severe reaction. There is also the danger of paranoia and triggering a psychotic episode which could mean hospitalisation. Anyone taking significant amounts is likely to feel some adverse effects on mental health with feelings of despair.

The Law

At the moment there are no possession for Ethylphenidate. But it is illegal to supply. Any police officer would be unable to tell the drug from other illegal powders so being caught in possession of Ethylphenidate may result in your arrest. The drug would also be seized.