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AKA Dimitri

Oct 11

The Drug

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is an extremely powerful illegal hallucinogen (tryptamine) with strong psychedelic effects. It occurs naturally in some plants and has been used in shamanic ritual, particularly in South America, for centuries.

It differs from most other hallucinogens in that it has a short action of about 15-60 minutes. It is usually smoked rather than taken orally. It can be drunk as a brew known as ayahuasca. It gives very intense ‘other worldly’ visual effects and can be very disturbing particularly for less experienced drug users. It can be a very harsh taste so is sometimes smoked with cannabis.

Dealers rarely supply it. DMT is usually only available from people who study its effects. DMT has been called the “business man’s trip” because of its short action compared to LSD. Its use is fairly low in UK. It is a Class A drug.

Also known as: DMT, Dimitri

AMT is another tryptamine which is sold in headshops and at the festivals at the moment – it is not controlled.


DMT is a psychedelic drug. The high is very intense and can be very euphoric but is not always pleasurable – it is sometimes a frightening experience. As a smoked hallucinogen, DMT gets to work very rapidly, in just a few seconds. A dose is around 60mgs. There are very strong visual effects and hallucinations almost immediately. The person can lose all sense of their surroundings as well as time. The effects wear off in a few minutes. Heart rate is rapid.

Once the effects have peaked, you become quite insensible with little or no sense of your actual surroundings. You are often physically unable to stand or function.



DMT is a very powerful drug so if you are relatively inexperienced it is best avoided. The main risk from DMT is self-harm from becoming insensible and unable to co-ordinate your limbs. It is not an addictive substance but some reports suggest tolerance builds quite fast so increasing amounts are taken if you chose to re-dose.

If you have any mental health problems or even feeling a bit low then DMT is a really bad choice because it has such a high potency. It will exacerbate any mental difficulties you are experiencing.

Be Safe

If you are not an experienced drug user, particularly with hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and Salvia Divinorum then it is best to avoid such very strong drugs as DMT.

This drug should not be tried in a public place like a party or a festival and not alone. The people with you should look after your welfare as you may be helpless from the effects in a very short time. Don’t take it standing up. Avoid alcohol and other strong drugs. If you have a heart condition you should not take DMT.

The Law

DMT is illegal to possess and supply. It is a Class A drug. Possession with a small amount may lead to a court appearance and a fine but prison is unlikely. The police may CHOOSE to offer to caution you which is still a criminal record.

What are the harms of psychedelic drug-taking like DMT?
DMT is an extremely powerful psychedelic. It induces the most immersive experience that can be very frightening. People under the influence of DMT are unaware of their actions so could be a harm to themselves or others. Its effects are short compared to other hallucinogens about 30-45 minutes.

What do we know about DMT?
Very little. There is an inconclusive body of evidence around DMT and its long-term effects. It will be harmful to anyone with an existing mental health condition.