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DNP (Dinitrophenol)

AKA DNP (Dinitrophenol)

Oct 15


The Drug

DNP (Dinitrophenol) is a synthetic product used by some bodybuilders as a rapid way of burning fat. It is taken as a pill and has potentially very serious side effects. It is not designed to be taken for human consumption but is marketed on some bodybuilding websites. Other sites warn it is not a substance which most bodybuilders would consider a safe option.


The principle effect is to raise body temperature which can always be dangerous to internal organs. People who have had negative reactions describe the feeling as ‘burning from the inside’. Other effects include insomnia, vomiting, dizzinesss, profuse sweating and collapse.


Potential organ damage. There is a risk of collapse and even death in a few instances. It is not regulated substance as a drug or medicine so is inherently risky to consume.

Stay safe

Keep to a very low dose, watch out for any signs of allergic reaction. Use only on rare occasions. Seek medical treatment if there is a strong reaction. Consult with professionals and experienced body builders to find better alternatives.

The Law

DNP is an unregulated substance to so legal to buy and sell.

Steroids in general are class C drugs – legal to possess in a medicinal form, but illegal to supply.