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Mar 13

The Drug

2CB is a powerful hallucinogenic drug and is a Class A drug. They are not that commonly used, sometimes sold at festivals.

Relatively little is known about 2-CB and its harms are far from clear but it is reported to have a powerful effect. There have been reports of overdosing and collapse.

It tends to come in pill form. Pills cost about 3-5 pounds. They are sometimes bought through the darknet.


2-CB  has strong psychedelic effects or hallucinations.  You may develop paranoia or experience panic attacks.. You may develop palpitations. It is a strong drug so you may feel distressed by its powerful effects.

2-CB gives a sense of euphoria and well-being. Music is enhanced and you may talk at great speed. You may also be more easily aroused sexually.

It takes up to 45 minutes to take effect. It is much longer lasting than many other highs perhaps as long as 12 hours but the main peak is perhaps 4 hours.


Any drug like 2-CB which gives powerful hallucinations is risky around mental well-being. More experienced exponents of ‘trippy’ drugs may simply enjoy it but more people trying it for the first time it can be very challenging even disturbing.

If you find the drug too strong then the hallucinations may cause you to panic. If you are in a public place such as a festival then you can be vulnerable. It is particularly dangerous to take a drug such as 2-CB after considerable amounts of alcohol. It can lead to physical collapse.

Be Safe

If you do take 2-CB, have only very small amounts. Ensure you are not alone or responsible for anyone. Avoid taking it in a club or any other hot environment. Do not mix with other drugs. Leave at least two weeks before taking again. If you feel unwell or distressed do not delay in seeking medical assistance. Always look after your friends if they start to panic from the effects.

The Law

As a Class A drug you can expect to be arrested if you are caught in possession. If you are only carrying a small number of pills then you may get offered a caution in the police station which is still a criminal record. Larger amounts of pills may make the police consider charging you with possession with intent to supply which would mean a court appearance and, on conviction, community service, fine or even prison.

Are these psychedelics?
Yes. There are many 2C compounds (2CB, 2CE, 2CI, 2C [-x] which differ in effect and potency and they can be difficult to identify. For example 2CB may be a slightly weaker psychedelic compared to 2CE. 2C’s hallucinogenic properties range from: intense visual imagery, distorted patterns and movements; some people report ‘seeing sound.’

Can 2C drugs be mistaken for other drugs?
2C drugs contain the chemical ‘phenethylamine’, which produces psychoactive and stimulating effects that appear to mimic other stimulant drugs. A 2C pill will produce a ‘rushing’ sensation like MDMA – they have been mis-sold as ecstasy.

Are 2C drugs dangerous when used in combination with other drugs?
It takes between 30 minutes to one hour to ‘come up’ on these drugs. Some people re-dose too quickly because they think the 2C drug hasn’t kicked in. These are sensitive drugs that can have a ‘heavy body load,’ meaning they have unpleasant side effects: nausea, vomiting and tremors. So, 2C drugs should not be taken in combination with other stimulants as they can increase the odds of a bad reaction. Taking any drugs of this sort after alcohol is adding a lot to the risks.