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annihilationWhy Not Find Out is an independent source of information about drugs, alcohol, nicotine and illicit drugs including new psychoactive substances. Browse this site to find out about their harms and history, legality and how to stay safe. The site is run by drugs and alcohol prevention charity Mentor UK.

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We present the facts about drugs and do not resort to scare tactics like some other sites. We are simply trying to help people make a better choice and not get themselves into bad and risky situations. We just want you to find out.

There is always an added risk in taking something unfamiliar with unknown side effects, especially when you can’t be sure of its strength or how much is a safe dose. We all know there is plenty of exaggeration in the media about the dangers of certain drugs – on the other hand, most of us know someone who could tell us stories of people who have had a really bad drug experience.

2-mkThe advice on this site is backed up by scientific and legal experts. It includes particular advice on combinations of drugs, particularly with alcohol.

Sometimes the risk is just not worth it and a drug is best avoided – with the right information, you can make the right choices for yourself.

Before the Psychoactive Substances Act was passed in May 2016, there was a lot of discussion about the link between legality and safety. Many believed the so-called “legal” highs were safer because they weren’t illegal – but the truth is, there isn’t any link between the legal status of a drug and how safe or risky it is.

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